2021 →

#together #disconnectedtheatre#together #disconnected (2021)
In the theatre project #together #disconnected, young people are given the space to share their experiences, interests and expertise in relation to 'social media' and to reflect [...]
NOWjournalNOW (2021)
NOW - Now Our World is a cross-generational and cross-city magazine and web project on the topic of living and home, in which senior citizens and young people from Berlin, Leipzig [...]
Das verkommene LandtheatreDas verkommene Land (2021)
BETON0341audiowalkBETON0341 (2021)
Raum für mich!projectRaum für mich! (2021)

2020 →

Grünauer Insel Sessionsradio playGrünauer Insel Sessions (2020)
Grünauer Insel Sessions is a rap opera that was created in recording sessions in Grünau. Rap is the music of our time. The rappers are the ones who put themselves in the center [...]
KollabomusicKollabo (2020)
After "XX" and "A Woman's Work", Kollabo is the third feminist rap project in cooperation with the intercultural centre for girls and young women MÄDEA in Berlin Wedding. Aft [...]
Ich feier mich selbst - Gönn dir!projectIch feier mich selbst - Gönn dir! (2020)
Beyond Order (film)filmBeyond Order (film) (2020)
The prefabricated building — Plattenbau or „Platte“ — dominates the cityscape of East German metropolitan areas. Leipzig is no exception. More than twenty percent of the in [...]
DunkelfeldfilmDunkelfeld (2020)
In August 1984 a house inhabited by migrant workers was burnt down in Duisburg, killing seven members of a family. While the police immediately ruled out racism as a reason, the su [...]
Paunsdorf Samurairadio playPaunsdorf Samurai (2020)
Paunsdorf Samurai is a short radio play that was developed with children and young people from Paunsdorf. Using role-playing techniques, stories were written in the game that refer [...]
The Lice-HuntersaudiowalkThe Lice-Hunters (2020)
We are guided by the sisters in Arthur Rimbaud's poem, and with electrified fingers we look for lice. We remember the Paris Commune, the donation culture of the shop projects on E [...]
Wanheimer Straße 301, Duisburg.Witness & ListenWanheimer Straße 301, Duisburg. (2020)
Tender AbsenceperformanceTender Absence (2020)
Tender Absence ( is a platform that produces digital, artistic formats- it’s a festival of a playful on-and-offline get-together. Examining digital contact [...]
REALITÄT 04315. A rap-journey trough Stadteilpark Rabet.audiowalkREALITÄT 04315. A rap-journey trough Stadteilpark Rabet. (2020)

2019 →

Chatting Fictionradio playChatting Fiction (2019)
Black BoxperformanceBlack Box (2019)
City of DeathperformanceCity of Death (2019)
The legendary Eisenbahnstraße in the east of Leipzig thwarts a social hotspot, which is said to suffer from strong structural and social neglect. At the same time, however, a mul [...]
Witness & Listen - DU 84Witness & ListenWitness & Listen - DU 84 (2019)
ongoing project develops and organizes 84 artistically framed discourse formats for the civil society initiative DU. The ongoing project takes over the communication to the public [...]
At the heart of the Hörstück & Ear-Art project »A Mad Tea-Party« is the eponymous chapter from Lewis Carroll's well-known novel Alice in Wonderland, in which little Alice [...]
Death SpellsperformanceDeath Spells (2019)
Death concerns every human being. The ancient Egyptian traditions and the contemporary modern society have one thing in common: avoiding disappearance and with that aiming towards [...]
Die Policey – Versuch über die SicherheittheatreDie Policey – Versuch über die Sicherheit (2019)
It all starts with a red slime bundle from which faces and voices are only slowly to be located. What seems unbearable as an unidentifiable individual has to be immediately enclose [...]

2018 →

A Woman's WorkmusicA Woman's Work (2018)
With the rap project “A Woman’s Work” ongoing project continues the collaboration with the girls center MÄDEA/Stiftung SPI in Wedding, Berlin (precedent project “XX”). T [...]
Beyond orderfilm / performanceBeyond order (2018)
A cooking show from A. to D.performanceA cooking show from A. to D. (2018)
For the festival “Endlich - Über das Sterben in der Gegenwart” ongoing project developed a series of cooking-talk shows and rituals on the topic of death. What is the value of [...]
Grün ist die Heideradio playGrün ist die Heide (2018)
PapiertigeraudiowalkPapiertiger (2018)
"Papiertiger" is an audio walk in Homberg/Efze of collective and individual memories of the events of 1968 (student movement, RAF, sexual education, etc). negotiated. Together wi [...]

2017 →

Das Lehrstück vom RechtspopulismusperformanceDas Lehrstück vom Rechtspopulismus (2017)
Gemeinsam mit dem Niyat Mebrahtom aus Eritrea kontrastieren Katrin Hylla und ongoing project mit der Hilfe von Bertolt Brechts Lehrstückmethoden das Phänomen des Rechtspopulism [...]
Kolleg zur Wiederentdeckung des KlassenbewusstseinsperformanceKolleg zur Wiederentdeckung des Klassenbewusstseins (2017)
People fight against racism, for the rights of women and against capitalism. But these struggles often appear separated from each other and a fundamental solidarity is missing. How [...]
Die Revolution und ihre EnkeltheatreDie Revolution und ihre Enkel (2017)
30 years ago the GDR disappeared – almost overnight. Grass is growing on the former border strip which separated East from West. Can the past, however, be erased just like that? [...]
LufthaseperformanceLufthase (2017)
- [...]

2016 →

XXmusicXX (2016)
Hamletmaschineradio playHamletmaschine (2016)
ongoing project initiated a subcultural youth movement at the Radko-Stöckl school in 2015/2016. In this context Heiner Müller's hamletmaschine was recorded with some pupils in [...]
The orange smell of your city does not taste so wellaudiowalkThe orange smell of your city does not taste so well (2016)
The hoary marmot says: The somehow orange smell of your city is not very tasty ! was a workshop for the preparation of the first children-conference in the city of Marburg. Tog [...]
European Ministry of Cultureradio broadcastEuropean Ministry of Culture (2016)
During the revolution in Ukraine, the main events took place on the Maidan Square. Around here the socio-cultural radio art project European Ministry of Culture finds its startin [...]
UnantastbarinstallationUnantastbar (2016)
shortly [...]

2015 →

My Imaginary CitiesaudiowalkMy Imaginary Cities (2015)
In My Imaginary Cities stories of from Beirut and Frankfurt am Main merge in an Audiowalk. The narrators are blind and partially sighted people, of whom we want to learn different [...]
Refusal of workperformanceRefusal of work (2015)
Kolleg zum Bau einer imaginären StadtperformanceKolleg zum Bau einer imaginären Stadt (2015)
Formulare KunstinstallationFormulare Kunst (2015)

2014 →

Streets of Madnessradio playStreets of Madness (2014)
Hotel & Communityradio playHotel & Community (2014)
Lehrstück vom EinverständnisperformanceLehrstück vom Einverständnis (2014)
23 Fragen zur Tunesischen Revolutiontheatre23 Fragen zur Tunesischen Revolution (2014)

2013 →

Spiel im Halbdunkelradio playSpiel im Halbdunkel (2013)
Wir sollten uns nebeneinander setzen und Ruhe habenperformanceWir sollten uns nebeneinander setzen und Ruhe haben (2013)

2011 →

FaustperformanceFaust (2011)

2010 →

FeuerlandperformanceFeuerland (2010)
ButtiperformanceButti (2010)
A cucumber contains 96% of water, also butter. A body contains 67.85% of butter. The thoughts are fat. The wall is fat. The windows are fat. The space is fat. Smooth spreading. B [...]

2009 →

AlaskaperformanceAlaska (2009)
Alaska is a performance which reduces, formalizes and deconstructs a dance to basic movements – until the performer sweat and shake. Communication, posing, making gestures and [...]




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