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Intact finds show that the ideal number of these figurines was 401: 365, one for each day of the year, and 36 “overseers,” one for each ten-day period. The year in question was a period of possible obligatory labor in the afterlife. For each day of this year, it was supposed to be possible for the tomb owner to send a substitute in the form of an ushabti-figure. Ushabtis are thus not to be understood as a means of avoiding obligatory labor, but rather, as a means of enabling the deceased to participate in this labor.

O ushabti if I be summoned or if I be detailed to do and work which has to be done in the realm of the dead; you shall detail yourself for me on every occasion of making arable the fields, of flooding the banks or of conveying sand from east to west. ›Here I am‹ you shall say. (Book of the Dead, Spell 6) 

Ushabti is available in two sizes (40g and 20g) in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and faience blue (white chocolate). Price: Big 3,–/35 EGP, Small 2,– €/25 EGP (plus shipping). Discount for orders of 5 ushabti or more. Shipping to EU and Egypt.